Let Us Know the Future You Want!


A copy “Creating the Future We Want” is our slogan and spirit. By sharing good ideas, we are challenging to create the future we want. It’s because we believe good ideas make people positive and have the power to move society. Good ideas come from projects by people who are challenging to create a better future.

Here’re some ideas from our greenz.jp readers.

  • A future filled with joy and without stress.
  • 2142894768_2bb3ed48d8_b
    Some rights reserved by Lauren Manning

  • A future where love and food are never short. A place where everyone has a chance to shine.
  • 3482171164_67bf4a8614_b
    Some rights reserved by Gregory Jordan

  • A future where anyone can create their own energy. In other words, a future without war for oil.
  • 8536868979_a00680e28e_b
    Some rights reserved by Georgia National Guard

  • A future from “Capitalism” to “Sustainability”
  • Omoshiro-Nogyo-2

  • A future where anyone can safely raise a child.
  • asobi-canada

    Please let us know the future you want.

    Instead of “changing”, what kind of future do you want to “create”?
    Please fill in the blank below to submit your answer.