What is Little Tokyo?


Hello, welcome to “Little Tokyo”.

We have coffee stand; serving freshly ground and brewed coffees. (Wi-Fi and some sockets are available for your PC.)
Comfortable bar; even if you come alone.
Also, shop and gallery will be opening soon.
In the event space, workshops and talk events are held every weekday.
So please don’t hesitate to visit us. You are warmly welcomed to drop in anytime!

Building a “town” in the middle of Tokyo

Opened at Toranomon – the business district in Tokyo, Little Tokyo is a “town” where people are free to take part in any type of jobs. The town is being organized by a collaboration of “Greenz”, the web magazine sharing hints to create “our own future”, and “Shigotohito”, running handpicked job search media “Shigotohyakka”.

We renovated old sushi restaurant into event space. Lots of inspiring events are being held everyday with a wide range of topics, like how to be a politician, how to make furniture, how to write an article, and more!

Opening hours for cafe is 12pm – 6pm, and bar for 6pm – 11pm weekdays.

The renovation was done mostly by Little Tokyo members and volunteers.

Planning to grow some vegetables in the garden!

You may have a chance to talk with Greenz and Shigotohito members here on weekdays!

It gets really crowded when events or workshops are held at night.

Town to have another “job”

Little Tokyo has a concept – “place to have another job” to give people opportunities to try their dream job.

When you become ‘a citizen’, you are able to have another “job”. If you have some idea you wanted to try since childhood, or maybe totally a new one. Why not try at Little Tokyo?

What kind of another “job” you want to have?

Greenz and Shigotohito members wearing uniforms of their dream job.


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1-2-1 Atago, Minatoku, Tokyo / Japan
Mon – Fri: 12pm – 11pm
Sat: 12pm – 6pm

Are you interested in visiting?

If you need some English assistances, feel free to contact us!

[English Text by Yoshikazu Eri]