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Our copy “Creating the future we want” includes our values and thoughts on Social Design.
Instead of “changing”, what kind of future do you want to “create”? Here’re some ideas from our readers.

  • A happy coexistance of all creatures in a closed environment that can be described as Space Craft Earth.
  • A world without poverty, hunger and war. A future without taxes for keeping an army.
  • A future filled with joy and without stress.
  • A future where love and food are never short. A place where everyone has a chance to shine.
  • A future where the energy efficiency is great.
  • A future where anyone can create their own energy. In other words, a future without war for oil.
  • A future without winning or losing, monopolizing or greed but a future filled with empathy and sharing.
  • A future where contributing to society is most valued.
  • A future for the next generation based on the blessings from nature and not that a society that takes away from the next generation.
  • A future where politicians and leaders work for the citizen with a vision of 1000years ahead.
  • A future from “Capitalism” to “Sustainability”
  • A future where anyone can safely raise a child. A future where anyone can safely retire.
  • Creating and increasing people who will make this future happen.


Creating the future we want

Hello there! Greenz is a web magazine to share hints on how to create the future we want. We believe sharing good ideas makes people positive and has the power to move society.

Our NPO greenz aimes to support Social Designers. We try and connect ideas with ideas by holding “Green Drinks” make ideas come to life with “Green School” and created a book label “Green Books” to show how the future can be made. We create projects and opportunities to share information and to create connection.

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[author: Greenz / Translated by Miki Murata]