A Way to Experience “Made in Japan”

Opened in February this year, “Nippon Tenarai Dou” tells us a story behind each products such as the story of craftsmanship, story of the local community.

The concept of Tenarai Dou is “the select shop where you can experience Japanese Monozukuri(manufacturing)”. There are several similar stores which sell either only product or experience. What makes Tenarai-Dou distinctive is that they sell products together with experience.


For example, if you purchase “Aritayaki(Japanese pottery)” via website, you have to take a trip to Saga Prefecture, where Aritayaki is manufactured. Then, you can tour the manufacturing process of Aritayaki at Arita Porcelain Lab, and actually experience one of the process. Finally, you can create your only-one rice bowl together with craftsman.


Shinichiro Nakamura who started this project says this project aims to empower local manufacturers in Japan.

Many local manufacturers are looking for opportunities to inherit and showcase their traditional manufacturing process. On the other hand, there are various people who are interested in learning Japanese traditional cultures from artisans. “Nippon Tenarai Dou” would like to connect them together.

Shinichiro Nakamura

Empowering local manufacturers would make people closer, because they are very conscious of their community. By shopping at “Nippon Tenarai Dou” you can contribute not only to preserve traditional culture also to tighten local community more.

Would you like to shop there?

[via Greenz.jp]
[English Text: Shinnosuke Ando]